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 our mission  is to ensure you THRIVE.


We help people of all ages thrive & enjoy life to the fullest by overcoming tongue tie and airway health issues.

Your health concerns about you and your family are valid. You're not "overthinking it" or "worrying about nothing." We're so glad you listened to the little whisper inside — and that it led you here.

We've helped thousands of parents & patients who've had that same intuition finally get the answers they were looking for. And we'd love to help you and your family THRIVE.

Plus, we do it all in a
radically kind way.


 why health:latch? 

There are no cookie-cutter treatment plans or long wait times here. It’s our promise to make this the BEST healthcare experience you’ve ever had.

 Your custom care plan 

Let's make the most of every minute we spend together.

After helping thousands of families thrive, we’ve learned a thing or two about the best way to maximize you and your family’s health.

We'll address your questions and unique needs through a custom treatment plan built just for you.



 Easy & quick communication 

You’re busy, frustrated and looking for help quickly.

That’s why all of our communication happens quickly over text to make it an easy, simple & fast process for you.

From the moment you MESSAGE US, to the last appointment together, you’ll feel at home and well taken care of every step of the way.

Baby Julie

 Holistic approach 

Treating an oral restriction requires more than just a simple "snip" or "clip."

To set yourself up for success, you want a team that communicates with each other across disciplines for a holistic health approach.

Our team addresses issues with feeding, nutrition, oral dysfunction, speech & language, airway health & sleep, and more that will help your family have the best possible outcome.



 You're in good hands 

You have our undivided attention every time we meet.

You'll never feel like a number or "just another patient" when you're at the health:latch clinic. And you’ll never have to experience a long wait room time with us, either.

Get ready to leave your first appointment feeling happy and relieved, knowing you and your family are in good hands. And that you finally have an answer to what your intuition has been telling you all along.


 our values 

YOU are most important to us. We want to be a small but positive piece of your story. Because of that, we promise to always uphold our values and be:



 your patient journey 

We’ve streamlined our entire process to make the most of every minute we spend together. And, most importantly, to make sure we’re addressing you and your family’s questions and unique needs.
There are 3 easy steps to get started on your journey to health:


Message us on any device (click the button at the top of the page).

We’ll send you details on what to expect during your visits, and associated costs.


Complete your STORY FORM

Share more about you, your child & the specific issues you’re having.

Meanwhile, we’ll text you with pre-visit educational videos and digital forms.



Our team thoroughly reviews your story form to ensure we address your family's specific needs.

We'll text you if we have any questions, but quickly offer your first discovery visit appointment over text.


what to expect from your first discovery visit:

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