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Laser Frenectomy

Deciding to work only with babies is a great honor but can have its challenges. Furthermore, a restricted frenum is in a tiny little mouth.  Wanting to perfect this procedure we need to clearly visualize every fiber under the lip and tongue without interference from blood or saliva.

So, we are using the latest CO2 laser technology to achieve all of our treatment goals. The CO2 cold laser has a lasting numbing effect that last hours after the procedure. We are truly physics at a low temperature to separate the cells that are restricting the proper oral motor function in the mouth.

With years of experience with other treatment modalities, the laser has allowed babies to thrive. What used to take us minutes, now is only seconds. Incorporating the latest technology is a game changer. It has allowed health:latch to focus more on lactation and less on the procedure itself. 


Lactation Consulting

We have always been and will continue to be focused on lactation. At our foundation, we are lactation first and laser last. Families are seeking this amazing collaboration between a highly trained lactation consultant (RN IBCLC) and a pediatric dentist (DDS MS).

We take lactation to another level. We hear the family stories. We listen to the needs, wants, goals and desires. We make an individual plan that makes sense based on each family. At health:latch we say “your goals are our goals” and show it with top education, resources and occasional tears. We saw a need for a model of efficient customer service that met the family with a “come as are” type of grace and love.

Our team strives to instill confidence, strength and a dialogue that gets to the heart of the feeding issues. We have found that every story is different, so we respect that and act accordingly. We make a plan so parent understand when their baby is actively feeding. We find this leads to efficient and effective positive gains in the baby and a mother that can FINALLY get the rest she need to be present and enjoy her baby.



At the end of your appointment we are not done. We know that the detailed information we have gathered is valuable to every provider that is caring for your baby. We organized all the information into a friendly format and connect with all of your providers for continuation of care. This takes a lot of time and effort, but we think it is very important.

We have a robust network of lactation consultants, pediatricians, occupational therapists, midwives, chiropractors and body workers that we refer to on a regular basis.