Mikki's Experience

“I would like to tell my story and I will attempt to make it as short as possible... We took my son in for his two month check up only to find his precentiles were down, and two weeks later he had dropped in weight. he was not doing well with breastfeeding and was unable to transfer well. we saw many Dr.s, lactation consultants, and Occupational therapists. None of them really had the answers I was seeking and my sons condition was deteriorating. then I was referred Dr. Thomas. I have never had such a wonderful experience with a Doctor, he is such a warm and friendly person. he heard my sons story and worked very hard to get us the help we needed just to get into his office. he heard our full story and let us know he would work out the bill with us, and that he truly just wanted my son to get the help that he desperately needed. Doctor Thomas got us in the very next day, they were incredibly knowledgable and made sure I had a full plan for healing. the proceedure took all of three minute and my son was able to breastfeed right after. he did much better already and he hasn't fully healed yet.

So if your little is having troubles latching, troubles transfering milk, or you know they have tongue tie, give Doctor Thomas a call.

Thank you Doctor Thomas for being an amazing person, and for pursuing the change in this area of medicine.”

October 2018