Amanda's Experience

“Absolutely phenomenal experience! I had been experiencing pain during nursing and my daughter had a hard time getting a good latch (sucking in a lot of air, milk leaking out due to no seal, couldn’t roll her upper lip out, etc) but was told by my pediatrician and hospital nurses that everything was just fine because my daughter was still gaining weight. I spent the first month trying everything to relieve my pain and my daughter’s issues with no luck. I was referred to health:latch by my midwife/lactation consultant. Dr. Thomas was able to get us in right away. Both he and Terry gave us their undivided attention, made us feel comfortable, gave every bit of information we needed, and were able to release my daughter’s lip, tongue, and buckle ties. I was impressed with their professionalism and level of care. My daughter nursed immediately after the procedure and I could already feel the difference. Terry helped coach me through the first latch and made sure I felt confident going home. Dr. Thomas sent us informational videos, explained how to perform exercises at home, and even texted me later that night to check on my daughter. I’ve never had such a great experience. I highly recommend health:latch to any mom who feels that something just isn’t right when it comes to baby’s latch. Thank you Terry & Dr. Thomas!”

March 2019