K.W.'s Experience

“At one month old, I discovered that my son, my first child, needed a tongue tie correction. I did research and found out about laser frenotomy. Because a laser frenotomy would be performed by a specialist dentist rather than a general practice pediatrician, it would likely create less scarring and better outcomes. I went to another dentist in the area who corrected the tongue tie via laser; however after a few weeks, my son was still struggling to latch properly. When I contacted this first dentist about my struggles, they told me to wait it out. I did as they suggested, but I still felt something wasn't right. One month later, I called Dr. Thomas and made an appointment for an evaluation. I wish I had seen Dr. Thomas first.

Terry, the lactation nurse, took a COMPLETE lactation history from me (I've seen a few lactation consultants and this is more rare than you might expect). She gave me excellent, and personalized, lactation guidance, and ultimately Dr. Thomas performed another, more complete, tongue tie revision for my son. He took the time to describe to me how he performs the procedure to produce the best tongue tie release with the least scarring. After this procedure, my son was finally able to latch properly. I had struggled for weeks with poor latch and poor milk transfer. Seeing Dr. Thomas made all the difference.

Dr. Thomas isn't just another doctor. He is so incredibly passionate about his work, and it shows. He isn't another jaded doctor who shows up for work in person but not in spirit. His ideal is to provide systematic, preventative care in order to prevent future problems. He takes the time to understand each of his patients with full hour-long appointments, he looks at the big picture which he understands deeply, and he then provides personalized care. Dr. Thomas is an incredibly rare and incredibly valuable healthcare provider. His values, emblazoned on the wall of his office, read: Be Radically Kind, Fiercely Patient, Disruptively Brave, and Defiantly Joyful. Dr. Thomas lives these values, and his office radiates these ideals.

For any parents struggling with a child's tongue tie, I highly recommend you see Dr. Thomas. General pediatricians are good at what they do, but they don't typically have the specialized experience necessary to produce the best outcomes. Dr. Thomas has a passion and a deep understanding of his chosen field (tongue ties). He and Terry are both committed to the highest quality care for their patients, and they are both excellent at what they do.

My breastfeeding journey with my son has been long and arduous and filled with examples of overly busy healthcare providers missing or neglecting my concerns. Terry and Dr. Thomas took the time to give me the help I needed, and they are now a permanent part of my story, having provided the most significant turning point of finally fully correcting my son's tongue tie.”

August 2018