Kaycee's Experience

“I had completely given up on breastfeeding our son because I had a very traumatic experience the first time. He latched on wrong and it was extremely painful (even more painful than labor and delivery!). I never thought I’d give breastfeeding another shot until my husband encouraged me to see a lactation consultant. She examined our six week old baby and it turned out he had a lip and tongue tie. She highly recommended Dr. Thomas, saying he had perfected the procedure for this and could do it in a matter of minutes. We reached out to Dr. Thomas right away & I was very surprised at how he responded personally within an hour.

Our son’s procedure was very quick yet thorough. I think it only took 3 minutes. When Terry, the in-house lactation consultant, brought him over to nurse right after, my husband and I were so amazed at how he latched on perfectly! It was like we got a brand new child! This second try at nursing could not have gone better. I asked Terry, “Is this how it’s supposed to feel?” because I was so surprised at how good it actually felt!

I am very happy to share that I have gone back to nursing, something I had completely given up on. Our son latches on perfectly practically each time and I’m finally able to have this wonderful bonding experience many moms talk about. Thank you, Dr. Thomas and Terry, for your incredible work and genuine care for our family! God bless you!”

September 2018