Huong's Experience

“Dr. Thomas and Terry are a great team. I was referred to health:latch by my pediatrician. To be fair, she referred another provider who never returned my phone call and based on the practice’s reviews, that was to be expected and their long wait time is also something my pediatrician warned us about. As a concerned new mom, I just want answers for our baby’s symptoms.

health:latch returned my call fairly quickly, I believe their promise is by the end of the day. Dr Thomas was able to get us in the following day and I felt our appointment was expeditious and thorough which are two qualities that I rarely use, especially when it comes to describing providers. We’re so conditioned to be at the mercy of busy offices because that has come to be the norm.

After Dr Thomas checked us in, Terry assessed our lactation concerns with straightforward questions and didn’t let us steer off course, I mention this because again as a new parent, you really don’t know what areas you’ve screwed up or what you’re doing right but none of that matters, they’re there to help the problem at hand and guide you to the next step and what other areas to concentrate on after the procedure.

Overall, I highly recommend health:latch.”

September 2018