Emma's Experience

“Our family can’t thank Dr. Thomas and the lactation consultant enough for their expertise and generosity in releasing our son’s tongue and lip tie! I would not be having the nursing experience I have right now with out them. They are passionate and experts at what they do. You are in amazing hands the moment you reach out to Dr. Thomas.

We made the mistake of getting our son’s tongue tie released at his pediatrician’s office even though we had an appointment later for Dr. Thomas. I had a gut feeling not to do it but we went ahead anyways because we were already there. The pediatrician used scissors and did not release the tie all the way, he release about 1/3 of it and also missed his lip tie which I said I was concerned about because his top, lip never flipped up.

I called Dr. Thomas to tell him we went ahead and did the release with our pediatrician. He reached out to my midwife later that week expressing his concern that the pediatrician probably didn’t release it all the way and he would still love to see us and get us the help we need. I immediately called him and set up another appointment and he got us in quick on a cancelation on Halloween. My supply was lowering drastically due to the tongue and lip tie so I was thankful he was able to get us in quickly. He genuinely cared about my son and our family. He advocated for my son and for our nursing experience. You can truly tell how big Dr. Thomas’s heart is.

The moment I walked into the office Dr. Thomas greeted us and was so calm, warm, and welcoming. The lactation consultant is incredible as well! Her energy is amazing she makes you feel so comfortable and empowered. She is extremely knowledgeable. The procedure was quick, only a couple minutes. My son nursed immediately after and that top lip flipped up for he first time. I almost cried! He wasn’t loosing suction anymore and I immediately became overcome with gratitude for Dr. Thomas and his team.

I appreciated the great use of technology by texting parents to communicate and using he iPad to take pictures and videos. Please if you are reading I highly recommend not getting your child’s tongue or lip tie released by scissors. It is no where near as effective and less pain as the laser. I can not recommend this health:latch enough!”

December 2018