Kelsey's Experience

“I cannot speak highly enough of this practice. We were referred here by our pediatrician as well as the LC at Overlake Baby and Mom Care Center. We took our two week old son in this morning for evaluation and treatment, and Dr. Thomas and Terry were incredible. I appreciate so much a) the transparency of their business/fee structure; b) the specificity and simplicity of diagnosis and treatment; c) the lack of pressure to treat that same day (could pack a financial punch depending on what they find); c) and most of all, the comfortable professionalism and excellent education from both of them as to why releasing the ties is important now and for down the road, help with nursing and the latch, and exercises to do to help baby in recovery from the procedure so he doesn't revert to old bad habits. This treatment can help avoid a whole slew of dental and functional issues in the future. 

Worth every penny! Thank you so much!”

4 January 2019