Chelsea's Story

“When my son was first born, breastfeeding to say the very least was extremely challenging. I was unable to feed him without a nipple shield and he just could not seem to get more than 1 ounce when he fed. After three lactation consultant visits later, my son was diagnosed with a tongue tie top and bottom. My husband was adamant he "did not want someone cutting inside our son's face." Our pediatrician suggested Dr. Thomas at Health Latch who is using innovative laser treatments for frenectomy. We just knew this was the right treatment given the laser is so exact in such a sensitive area, and with absolutely no blade cutting the procedure is completed with no open cuts or any bleeding. We needed zero pain medication after this procedure versus another provider who told us our baby would be on pain Meds for four days after a snip method.

We knew this was the route for us. I called Dr. Thomas on Monday and we were in on Wednesday for our appointment. He took the time to look at our son, confirm the diagnosis and ease our worries about the procedure. He took our son back, and was done in a matter of minutes. My husband was so interested in the procedure, Dr Thomas took him back and lasered his hand so my hubby could know what our little guy went through. The report back easy, breezy. Our son had no pain after, no bleeding and healing was incredibly quick. Then, we got a wonderful consult from his lactation nurse Terry. She is incredibly encouraging and knowledgeable. An amazing cheerleader to help you feel confident about your improved breastfeeding experience to come post treatment. My little guy and me are now on our way. No nipple shield needed and he latches with no pain for mom and is able to feed and get 3 ounces now!

If you are looking for a safe, effective and cutting edge treatment definitely go with Dr. Thomas and Terry. They know what they are doing and they will take care of your baby so you can have a less stressful, more rewarding breastfeeding experience with your little one.”

28 August 2018