Amy's Experience

“Our newborn was diagnosed with a posterior tongue tie by a lactation consultant who referred us to Dr. Thomas.  He was able to see us right away and saw both a posterior tongue tie and an upper lip tie.  He and his lactation consultant Terri released both ties that day, which took less than five minutes.  Dr. Thomas uses a laser instead of a knife, which resulted in a smaller cut and no bleeding.  Terri helped us latch him immediately after the procedure and he ate well.  We did the exercises prescribed by Dr. Thomas, and although our baby didn't like them, it didn't seem like he was in pain.  For me, my pain while breastfeeding went from an 8-9 down to a 1-2 in the first week and is now at a 0 every time, and our son is gaining weight like a champ.  Dr. Thomas took the time to answer all of our questions and followed up the evening of the procedure via text to make sure all was going well.  Terri spent lots of time with us making sure his latch was right and he was transferring milk.  We were so impressed by their professionalism and care for both me and our son.  Would highly recommend their services!”

11 December 2017