The Founder and Changemaker: James M. Thomas, D.D.S., M.S., health:latch

What does community mean to you, and how do you think you impact your local community?

A big part of community is being able to properly nourish our bodies and grow. This starts from day one of life. health:latch is a niche health care practice with a sole purpose of helping babies, children and their families thrive.

What excites you most about the work that you do?

When you can effectively eliminate a problem, a struggle or fulfill a need with a baby, you have made an immediate and direct impact that lasts a lifetime.

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New Bellevue-based health:latch helps breast-feeding moms, babies

By Raechel Dawson

As patients sat in his dental chairs, Dr. James M. Thomas continued to hear the same stories over and over at his former pediatric dental practice, Everyone By One.

With the goal to see infants by age 1, Thomas saw the same recurring problems centered around a baby’s ability to latch during breast-feeding. Airway problems, tonsil, ear infections and restless sleep often accompanied.

“Mothers [are] trying really hard to just feed their infants,” Thomas said of the visits. “I heard so much that I started diving into it.”

Having already practiced treatment for tongue tie and lip tie — two issues that can affect breast-feeding — at his practice, it wasn’t until Thomas became connected with an ear, nose and throat doctor in Portland that his interest in preventative care became a passion.

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